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And My Web Host Is… November 8, 2006

Posted by LearningNerd in Personal.

Precision Effect! I like the fact that they’re a small company, and I especially like how fast they respond to questions. I talked to one of their support guys over AIM and he responded right away! Another plus is that they offer very small hosting plans (200 MB disk space and 5 GB bandwidth), which is perfect for me, since I hardly need any space yet.

With the coupon code TAKE20, I bought one year of web hosting for $24.48. Not too shabby! They let you upgrade your account at any time, so if I need more space before the end of the year, they’ll just charge me the difference.

(By the way, I get a free month of hosting if anyone signs up and uses “learningnerd” as the referrer. ;) )

I had to make a PayPal account to sign up, but that didn’t take long. I got my confirmation emails and everything within a few minutes, including an email with the information for updating my DNS. So, I then logged into my account at Namecheap (where I registered my domain name), quickly found the change-your-DNS page, typed in the URLs listed in the email, and poof! Simple as that.

Tomorrow morning I’ll install WordPress and write another update. The new site will be up within a few days! Wee! :D


1. jim - November 9, 2006


Are you going to be able to migrate your existing blog content over? There’s a lot of good stuff here…

2. LearningNerd - November 10, 2006

I’m planning to move stuff over gradually, probably after updating/editing it a bit. But I’ll be keeping this blog up for a while. :)

3. Ray Dotson - November 13, 2006

Hey Liz, just a thought: You might consider signing up for affiliate accounts with your hosting provider and using those links in your articles. It might be worth a few bucks if somebody signs up…

4. LearningNerd - November 13, 2006

Yeah, I probably would if I could! Too bad my host doesn’t really have an affiliate program yet. Oh well.

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